The Economic Gardening Concept

A long-term strategy for economic prosperity, Economic Gardening is an approach to economic development that helps local businesses grow by providing them customized market analysis and data that open the door to new growth opportunity. Economic Gardening brings information technology and the world of information databases to bear to provide businesses with customer prospect and sales lists, market and industry forecasts, competitor analysis, technology trend assessments, real estate development site analysis, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and analysis, and much more.

The Economic Gardening concept was first developed in Littleton, Colorado in 1987, as an alternative to the traditional economic development practice of recruiting outside businesses. The fundamental principle of Economic Gardening is to build the business base from the inside out by providing support to local entrepreneurs and businesses.

This support can include:

  • Competitive and Business Analysis
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Training Innovative Business Practices
  • Additional Business Services



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