The group is currently offering support in the following areas:

Competitive and Business Analysis Providing information to local businesses is the primary component of the EG process. To create opportunities, businesses require information on market trends, customers, competitors, emerging technologies, regulatory issues, and socio-political developments. Unfortunately, most small businesses and entrepreneurs do not have the resources (personnel or financial) to collect and analyze all the available information in order to increase revenues.

Networking Opportunities Helping businesses make connections with public and private support infrastructures will create and foster an entrepreneurial environment, increase business prospecting and access to new markets.

Innovative Business Practices Providing training in best practices is an important element of the EG process. Using library and university resources, the EG initiative can develop training programs for both business owners and employees to improve business performance.

Additional Business Services Small businesses may require additional business services, such as legal, marketing, sales, accounting, and human resources or other administrative functions. CT-EGG can act as a clearinghouse, helping to identify and procure these resources for small businesses.

Under the direction and supervision of both faculty and project managers, both graduate and undergraduate students are currently engaged in providing the above support services to entrepreneurs and growing businesses in the greater Hartford area. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in future projects.



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